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Leadership Island is an interactive and exploratory leadership game. You can play online and discover some of the key aspects of Leadership.

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Based on Mike’s book, Leadership Elements, this is a handy reminder of key elements of excellent leadership.

Leadership Elements

Leadership Elements

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Excellent, engaging lecture. Brought real-world insights to the leadership materials presented.”Lecture attendee

Have you ever considered what makes the best leaders receive the respect and admiration of those they work with? How is it that years later, people still refer to them as one of the greats? How did they establish their leadership legacy?

In this course we explore four sets of leadership behaviors that will take you from being a good leader to being a great leader. These simple behaviors can be adopted quickly, but impact people in tremendous ways. We will look at what makes bad leaders so ineffective, and how to break bad leadership habits.

These lessons are a purely practical approach to leadership, based on the latest neuroscience, and over 30 years of research and coaching in leadership.

Mike Mears started CIA’s Leadership Academy, he studied leadership at West Point and Harvard Business School. He is also a published author on Leadership, and does coaching on leadership internationally.

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