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Let's make your leadership job almost effortless. Find simple practices and techniques to help you easily get

around employee change resistance.


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Why select Mike Mears for your next event?

Here are 10 Good Reasons

  1. A track record. Mike is experienced in addressing corporate boards, government agencies, non-profits, and general audiences.
  2. Fabulous references. Take a look at what people have said after they’ve heard Mike speak.
  3. Extensive leadership experience. He’s actually run organizations including combat platoons, fast food companies, government units, and nuclear missile sites.
  4. Mike knows the theoretical part too. He worked with leading business schools and premier corporate training centers to establish the CIA’s Leadership Academy.
  5. He provides usable guidance, not fluff. Mike researches his audience’s needs and offers presentations tailored to them.
  6. Mike has a great sense of humor. He’s fun!
  7. International speaking experience. Mike has done numerous simultaneous translation sessions abroad.
  8. Mike provides unique motivational insights for audiences along with practical tools and solutions.
  9. He works with you. He does his homework to make sure that your objectives are met. He arrives early and leaves late to mingle and provides each attendee with a memorable gift.
  10. He’s a nice guy. He’s down to earth. Talk to Mike and you’ll find out why.

About Mike

10 Second Summary

  1. When George Tenet needed a Leadership Academy at the CIA, he tapped on Mike Mears to establish it.
  2. Mike is a visionary thinker and thought leader in practical approaches to enhancing employee performance.
  3. A leadership speaker, trainer, consultant, and author.
  4. He does keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and seminars. He uses a highly interactive approach even with groups of 300 and more.
  5. Sample topic – Leadership Secrets: Ten Important Questions and Answers.
  6. Mike has extensive public and private sector experience at GE, CIA, and small businesses.
  7. His first two books, Elements of Leadership and Life: a guide to building trust, and Hidden Leaders: ordinary people with extraordinary traits.


10 Second Summary

Mike has a colorful background. He is a retired CIA executive engaged in consulting, training, and professional speaking on management and leadership topics. He draws from his past public and private sector and military experiences to include his experience as:

  • Consultant to Intelligence Community senior leaders
  • Chief of Human Capital, CIA
  • Manager of compartmented government programs
  • Turnaround specialist for GE
  • Senior VP at GE Investments (private equity investing)
  • US Senior Commercial Officer to Moscow
  • President of a fast food company
  • Entrepreneur (11 start ups)
  • Commander of a nuclear missile site
  • General’s Aide
  • Decorated Vietnam Veteran

Mike has a BS from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Ask about a Leadership Seminar

A powerful highly interactive day-long session tailored to your organization on what really works in leading others.  The former Director of CIA’s Leadership Academy provides exciting practical leadership techniques based upon current neuroscientific research on what makes people tick.

Tailored to any management level from supervisor to executive, the exciting day-long session covers practices used by hundreds of great leaders to improve performance and morale. The session also shows why most leaders fail, and the five essential steps to become a great leader.

Successful completion of the seminar will increase participant knowledge and ability to:

  • Develop and demonstrate key leadership approaches to energize and engage employees.
  • Create a positive work environment.
  • Overcome the drag of cultural and bureaucratic impediments.
  • Increase effectiveness through five communication mechanisms that will break through organizational background noise.
  • Gain the support and cooperation of team members by actively involving them in the decision-making process.
  • Foster creativity, accountability, and empowerment in the workplace.
  • Encourage leaders to become personally motivated and enthused about their work, the team, and the organization.

Contact Mike to learn more about how you can have a leadership seminar tailored to your organization.

Sample topics - each can be tailored from one to four hours

Leadership Secrets: Ten Important Questions and Answers

  1. Why are there so few good leaders?
  2. How do we unleash the power in employee brains?
  3. Are leaders born or made?

Barriers to Employee Performance and What to Do About Them

  1. Three employee inhibitors and one crusher
  2. What motivates employees to higher performance?
  3. Three major boss blind spots

Essential Secrets for Great Executives

  1. Why organizational design is your weakest lever
  2. The two levers that accelerate transformation
  3. How to step around your management chain to mobilize employees

For public speaking or consultation inquires, please email Mike at


What Customers are saying about us?

Testimonials from Tough Audiences:

“Home run with Mears. I am sooooooo impressed. Thank you!”
Executive at a Global Investment Bank
"Thanks go to you. Your passion and data got us focused. Now we will follow through."
Chief Operating Officer, Large Federal Agency
“Your presentation in Stockholm was the hit of the event and the participants are still talking about it. We tapped into [name deleted] from the Kellogg school as a follow on to your presentation at an event in Ottawa last month and it brought out comments again on how impressed the Europeans were with what you did in Stockholm.”
Western Intelligence Service Executive

Testimonials from attendees:

"Mike’s “gift” at the end was wonderful. It will always hang in my office.”
"This was terrific!!! I would have liked the opportunity to ask more questions.”
“Superb speaker – really wanted to hear a lot more.”
“Very positive and energetic personality.”
“Mike is an outstanding speaker. I would go to hear him anytime he speaks.”
“A very thought provoking session. An excellent presentation.”

For public speaking or consultation inquires, please email Mike at