Leadership Island


Beware, you are about to land on Leadership Island.  Notice the Island is shaped like the human brain.  Leadership is all about successfully transferring the ideas in your head into followers’ heads—often without them knowing it.  It is simply inspiring others to change, but as you will soon see as you click on the text throughout the island, just telling people your vision and values and expecting they will adopt them never works.

Instructions: Follow the red leadership path through the island starting with a click on Safety Cove.  Don’t be confused by the six monsters on the island—three of them, the three trolls, wander the island at will and you’ll confront them every day; the other three are worst boss-types roped into specific areas on the island—don’t wander into their territory or you become a bad boss.  However, you can voyeuristically click inside the boundaries to learn more about them.

Your leadership ability is composed solely of perceptions housed inside your followers’ brains.  What you think about your own leadership ability is of no importance.  All this becomes a bit complicated, but to crack the code and begin your journey to become a great leader, first click the graphic below and then click all text starting with Safety Cove.

– Mike Mears

After reading the instructions, click here to launch the Island.