Setting Expectations

Setting Expectations Setting expectations is a key responsibility of leaders and managers in all organizations. ” is responsibility includes setting the expectations for the organization as a whole, for departments within the organization, and for individuals within departments. Expectations must be clearly stated and shared using both written and oral communication. Some expectations are measurable …

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Leading with Passion We reserve the word passion to describe those activities or products that we really believe in and want to share with others. When you are passionate about an activity, you do it for the sheer pleasure it gives you, and you want it (whatever it is) to be the best. You want …

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Leading People

Introduction to Leading People Why is Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech considered one of the one hundred best speeches in American history? Because King provided his audience with a vision of the future and a clear set of expectations for what fulfilling the dream would mean to members of the audience, and …

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Jeff Bezos had a vision that the Internet would completely change brick-and-mortar-based retailing. Bill Gates believed that individuals would want to own personal computers. Muhammad Yunus believed that small amounts of money, carefully placed in developing countries, could change the world. These leaders had vision. So what is vision, and why should you care? Your …

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