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fixing problems

Fixing Problems

Fix Problems, Not Blame When something is going wrong with a project or a product, it is tempting to find out who is at fault and blame them. There is…

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Looking for Trends Looking for trends is part of data analysis. If you look at your data and see something seriously harming your bottom line or an opportunity that needs…

data visualization

Data Visualization

Fact Based Decision Making – Focus on the Vital Few If you collect data on many variables over any length of time, you may find yourself in the position of drowning…

Mark Twain Quote

Fact Based Decision Making

In business and organizational management, facts require data to back them up—otherwise they are just opinions. Data is a tricky entity. To have decision-supporting data, you must be selective in…

Conan Doyle Quote

Introduction to Data Collection

In order to make informed decisions and assess the impact of your actions, you must collect meaningful data. You collect benchmarking information in the beginning, and then you collect the…


Have and Show Direction

Having and showing direction is like providing a roadmap to a destination. As a leader and manager, your task is to establish the desired goal (the destination) and the objectives…


Leadership Raccoon Podcast

Overcoming the barriers to great leadership, the crafty way...

A Leader’s Magic Formula to Stimulate Organizational Change

Podcast 17 – A Leader’s Magic Formula to Stimulate Organizational Change

Best practices for organizational change have risen to an all-time high because of COVID and the cascading shifts throughout the work world.

Human Nature

Podcast 16 – Understanding Human Nature

In this episode of the Leadership Raccoon Podcast, we discuss what is needed for a leader to capture the best aspects of human nature, while learning to compensate for some…

Mark Twain Quote

Podcast 15 – Fact Based Decision Making

There are important decisions to be made when you are in a leadership position. In this week’s episode of the Leadership Raccoon Podcast, we examine the crucial role of data…

Problem Solving

Podcast 14 – Solving Problems

Problems are unavoidable in our daily lives and in our places of employment. but how do we go about identifying and overcoming these problems? Podcast 14 – Solving Problems was…


Podcast 13 – Sharing Knowledge

Knowledge is a invaluable resource, and sharing it with others can lead to new insights when it comes to problem solving. Podcast 13 – Sharing Knowledge was last modified: August…


Podcast 12 – Delegating

Knowing how to motivate others is an important skill for a leader. Today on the podcast we delve into the topic of delegating responsibilities as a  way to achieve this…


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